FleetMon tracks the Seven Seas. We're a company of pioneers, opening new horizons of transparency in the maritime world. It's our job to collect real-time vessel position data and make it available for the world’s most impactful enterprises so they can tackle their hardest maritime challenges.
We live and breath shipping and data.

Job Opportunities at FleetMon

Developer Full StackVollzeit18.07.2018Rostock
Mitarbeiter (m/w) Internationale Kooperationen und DrittmitteladministrationVollzeit18.07.2018Hansestadt Rostock
TYPO3 DeveloperVollzeit02.07.2018Rostock
Sales Operations ManagerVollzeit04.04.2018Hansestadt Rostock
Sales Executive, Maritime DomainVollzeit20.02.2018Rostock

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